Brainstorming on

Development of Strategic Perspective Plan for C-STED

About C-STED:

Centre for Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development (C-STED) is a pioneer organisation providing Training, Research & Consultancy for Employment Generation and Entrepreneurship Development in Kerala, for the last three decades. It is an autonomous Institution under the Department of Science and Technology, Government of Kerala.

The core objectives of C-STED are to Develop Entrepreneurship in the State of Kerala with emphasis on Science and Technology inputs and to Create Opportunities for Sustainable Employment through adequate training and skill development.

C-STED was formerly known as STED Project (Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Project), which was founded on 4th December 1985. It was one among the thirteen pilot projects initiated by the NSTEDB (National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board) under the Government of India with its headquarters at Kozhikode to focus on the Development of Malabar Area. Later in 1995, its activities were expanded at the State level, through offices were opened in 14 Districts. Based on the activities and achievements in the field of Entrepreneurship Development and Employment Generation, the Kerala Government had taken over the STED project as an autonomous organization during the year 2000 and attached under the Science & Technology Department.

On the Brainstorming Initiative

Though C-STED has been functioning in the State for the last three decades, its institutional mechanism has not been strengthened and transformed to meet the requirements of changing times; and there is still room for further excellence in Entrepreneurship Development in the State. There is felt need to make the institution more vibrant by redefining its strategies, mandates and institutional systems, has become more relevant in the wake of the Government of India’s declaration of 2010-2020 as the decade of innovative Entrepreneurship, which is also amply reinforced by the recent initiatives of Government of Kerala. The policies of Government of India and the Government of Kerala indicate the commitment to creating an entrepreneurial culture and fostering entrepreneurial development in Kerala with clear focus on S & T innovations.

There is increasing scope and immense potential for Technology based Entrepreneurship Development Program (both IT and Non-IT) in Kerala. Moreover various Organizations in Government as well as Quasi Government sector are operating in the same line as C-STED functions.

Considering the strength of C-STED and increasing opportunities it is imperative that a road map needs to be developed for streamlining the future activities of C-STED. The road map can be created once a strategic perspective plan is designed and developed. Hence the brain storming is scheduled with the participation of eminent Experts, Technocrats, Management Experts, Policy Planners and Department Heads to evolve a Strategic Prospective Plan for C-STED to take it to higher echelons of entrepreneurial development with Science and Technology in the coming decades.

Director, C-STED